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Mabor embodies the temperament of Portugal.

The Brand

Mabor tyres come from the land of discoverers and now they are exploring the roads through-out Europe. State-of-the-art technology ensures save driving enjoyment with a dash of Iberian passion. Mabor offers a range of great tyres to meet all requirements, even in harsh winter weather conditions.

Mabor owes its name to Maria Fernandes Borges – the wife of Francisco Borges, who, as the co-owner of a Portuguese bank, financed a major share of the Mabor plant. Their daughter Maria Emilia Fernandes Borges married Mabor founder Dr. Júlio Anahori De Quental Calheiros.

Another financer was the American tyre manufacturer General Tire, who paved the way for Mabor‘s successful start in the tyre world with know-how and technical equipment.

Tyres that move people …

A special brand deserves a special trademark. The Mabor logo depicts a stylized globe surrounded by a slanted Mabor tyre representing the atmosphere. The logo stands for a powerful brand that moves people in many parts of the world.

Tyres that move people

More than six decades of Mabor...

  • 1938: Mabor at the starting line

    The Count of Covilha, Dr. Júlio Anahori De Quental Calheiros, establishes Mabor and builds a tyre plant in Lousado in northern Portugal, with the Bank of Porto and General Tire/USA as partners. Shortages in construction and raw materials delay the start.

  • 1946: Mabor gathers momentum

    The tyre plant is completed after the war. The first passenger car tyre »Silent Safety« – leaves the plant on 6 April 1946. 

  • 1950s: Mabor becomes a millionaire

    The success story takes its course. Mabor holds a monopoly as sole Portuguese tyre producer. The number of tyres manufactured each year rises to one million.

  • 1970: Mabor sets out in new directions

    Further business fields are developed. The Mabor »Winter-Jet« winter tyre enters northern Europe.

  • 1990: Mabor becomes a team player

    Mabor joins the Continental tyre corporation. The Portuguese plant undergoes extensive modernisation.

  • 1993: Mabor accelerates

    In just one year, Mabor launches four new tyres with enhanced technology.

  • 1994: Mabor on the road to success

    The Mabor plant expands, employing state-of-the-art technology to produce 20,000 tyres a day for all brands of Continental AG..

  • 1996: Mabor in the fast lane

    Mabor celebrates a special anniversary on 6 April 1996: 50 years of tyre production!

  • 1999: Mabor speeds up in Germany

    Mabor seals its cooperation with Volkswagen – VW dealerships start selling Mabor tyres throughout Germany on an exclusive basis.

  • 2008: Mabor heads into the future

    Mabor heads into the future, backed with the know-how gathered over more than 60 years of tyre development. The Mabor year 2008 starts with the introduction of the new UHP-tyre »Sport-Jet 2« in spring.
    For the winter-business the »Winter-Jet 2« enters the market. At the end of the year the product range will be enhanced by the standard tyre »Street-Jet 2«.

  • 2015: Mabor increases its commitment to tyre development

    After just a few years, Mabor again expands its product lines, focusing on quality. The new product lines Sport-Jet 3, Winter-Jet 3 and Van-Jet 3 bring about a significant increase in performance in terms of handling, noise and rolling resistance. These improved product properties and a refreshing design mark the new approach of Mabor tyres in Germany.